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City Of Wabasso Minnesota

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 Our History

A Prairie Town
Lorance E. Geske


A flat level plain with tall grasses moving in the breeze.  Sloughs with cattails and rushes, habitat for muskrats, mallards and redwing blackbirds.  Flowers, wild strawberries and endless, endless space.
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Ties and rails scar the prairie as they move in straight lines from town site to town site (one with rabbits).  Steam engines, boxcars, water tanks and depots for freight and passengers.  The hiss of steam and wail of whistles pollute the prairie silence.
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Lots bought at auction by storekeepers, to start their general store, where farm women will trade eggs and butter for flour, coffee, beans, sugar and if enough eggs, some sticks of hard candy.  By the blacksmith for a shop to house forge and bellows.  Lots bought by lawyers, doctors, grain buyers, and bankers.  By saloon operators to build their bars, a place for men to drink and play cards.  They built everything needed to house the businesses required by the farmers who busted the prairie sod.
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They came for the jobs: store clerks, bartenders, dray-men, sales men and laborers of every description.  They came with families, dreams and ambitions.  Established churches, schools and a government to make the laws to run the town.  They came and thrived on the winter snow, the summer heat and the prevailing prairie wind.
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Take a hundred years, add the generations of God loving, friendly, hardworking determined people.  Subtract the rabbits.  Add the well kept homes, lawns businesses, churches, and schools.  Settled on a prairie knoll, looking to the new millennium.
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