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City Of Wabasso Minnesota

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Welcome to Wabasso Minnesota!  "The Heart of Redwood County"

Wabasso is a small town of about 650 people located in Southwest Minnesota right smack-dab in the middle of Redwood County.  We are about 92 miles NE of Sioux Falls, South Dakota and 105 miles W of Minneapolis, Minnesota. 


Voter registrations go to
If you have moved, changed your name, or new to town, you will need to register to vote. There are 2 open council positions and the mayor position this fall.
Summer Office Hours 7:30 Am -Noon & 12:30-5 Mon-Thurs Fri 8-noon
Pet License $5.00 for cat or dog Dogs Neeed Proof of rabies Shots. Need to get pet Licensed per Ordinance.
Still need to get in to get licenses-All dogs need annual license!!!
Cleaning Up after Pets
Please make sure you carry something to clean up after your pet and dispose of it properly. As warmer weather approaches, it has become obvious that clean up is not always done. Ordinance No. 203 of the City of Wabasso requires everyone to clean up after their pets and to dispose of any excrement properly. Failure to clean up after your pets can result in a $10.00 fine or five hours of public land fecal cleanup. Subsequent violations can lead to a fine of at least $25.00 but not more than $50.00.
E-Waste & Appliance Recycling begins 1st Wednesday of April
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There are currently no upcoming events.

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